Thursday, January 24, 2013

33 Weeks, 6 days

 I am 35 weeks today! I had another u/s and fetal monitoring yesterday and the babe is still looking great! These were from the last growth u/s and first fetal monitoring last Wednesday. I think it is really starting to hit me that we are having another little sugar and I am getting really, really excited :) 
The u/s tech was crazy fast this last time, we go in every four weeks for a growth u/s and last week started the beginning of my weekly monitoring. She didn't give anything away in the gender department and she said that the picture above is little wisps of hair she could see on the baby's head! Ah! I was dying - I think she thought I was crazy, but that's pretty cute to me. I was laughing because I have had some heartburn with this one and none with Connor - I said watch this one have no hair and Connor had a full head of black hair. I for some reason think maybe this one will have lighter hair, but I don't know why :) 

There is my sweet little pork chop! I think this is one of the few profile shots without an arm or hand in front of the face. It was funny yesterday the little arm was right back up there :) After she checked everything she goes "okay the baby is measuring about 6lbs" - I was STUNNED I had to have her repeat it a few times for me, hahah! I seriously couldn't stop smiling - to me that is the size of a 2 month old, not a baby still in the tummy. I am not going to lie, I was a little proud of myself - that is some hard work on bedrest and a few brownie sundaes right there :) This child LOVES vanilla ice cream! The lovely u/s tech then asked if I was tested for gestational diabetes - yes, I was and I don't have it thank you very much. I saw my high risk dr the next day and he laughed he said it is a perfectly wonderful and healthy size, he said it must have been a shock coming from my little 4lb first born! I still can't get over that sweet face and those CHUBBY cheeks!!

I had to laugh at how much technology has changed from even having Connor. I was sitting there in the monitoring room texting on my iphone, playing on the ipad and sipping my water, juice and animal crackers. This is a far cry from the hospital room where all I had was the tv and a laptop to keep me busy, haha! It was kind of like a treat for me though, I was out of the house and alone - hahaha! They said things are looking good - I am seeing the dr weekly now, I have weekly monitoring and one more u/s scheduled! 

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