Sunday, January 13, 2013

4 Year Stats

Even though I am on bedrest and have time to do things like make Connor's four year check-up, I forgot and we didn't get in to see the dr until the beginning of January - oops! :) I had a hard time with 4, it just seems like all of a sudden everything went too fast. I told Bj thank goodness we have a baby on the way or else I would have wanted one immediately! I just can't believe my boy is 4. I said I am loving the start of four much more than the start of three, C seems to have worked a few of those emotions out :) The doctor said he was perfect! He was so good and when she asked if he liked fruits and vegetables he said "yes, and we made a garden this summer!" it was really cute. She told us that he was going to be such a good helper when we have the baby and I totally teared up, I can't help but feel so blessed and lucky - I have a pretty awesome little kiddo. I almost had a heart attach when she told me I could start getting his kindergarten shots at any point this year when we are in with the baby...what?! How on earth - I think I may have to visit the homeschool topic! He was looking great and she said he is perfect! We do have to make an appointment with the opthamologist, she did this scan of his eyes and said he could be far-sighted. We just signed him up for vision insurance and we will make an appointment!
Here are his stats:
Height: 40.5 in 50%
Weight: 34.8 lbs. 50%
He is sitting pretty in the 50% percentile! I asked when she recommended moving him to a booster seat and we both laughed with his weight gain he will be 12 before he moves up to 40lbs :) He definately doesn't take after me when it comes to putting on weight :) It was a great visit and we are so proud of our sweet boy! He is getting a little too big!

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