Monday, May 3, 2010

The Lake of the Ozarks

My little family and I decided we needed to get out of town for a few days so we packed up and headed to the Lake! It was a great weekend and we did NOTHING, I really mean NOT A THING and it was wonderful :) We lounged around, cooked some meals and watched tv. I said I haven't had a weekend like that in a long while and it was wonderful :) We didn't play on the computer or talk on the phone (much) and it was really nice to unplug for a few days! I didn't take too many pictures, so please enjoy those that I did take:) "Borrowing" my new shades from the Women's Show in NC! I think he looks much cuter in them :)
Cheesing before going out to breakfast!

Showing off the new swim trunks, thanks Aunt Steph!
We had the pool to ourselves and he LOVED it! Especially jumping off the side into momma and daddy's arms :) That was our weekend, we hope you had a good one too!

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