Monday, May 24, 2010

Uncle Bubba Graduates: Part 2

I did not get great pictures from inside graduation, but I just had to show how cute they all looked with their fire hats on :) After Davey accepted his diploma, Connor and I stepped outside to play around while they finished up the ceremony. We were reunited with everyone at the end and took some pictures of Bubba and his friends. All of the boys at the fire station were so nice! Afer all the obligatory pictures we made Bubba take us back to the fire station and give us a tour. He gave us a great tour and we were all mesmerized!! He is so smart and knew the answers to all the questions we peppered him with :) Connor didn't make it into the station as he fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive from graduation to the station :) Do you think we are wearing him out?!

We had such a great time at gradaution and we are so proud of you Uncle Bubba! After a busy day of graduating we were off to dinner and the next day...Glacier National Park!

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