Monday, May 24, 2010

Uncle Bubba Graduates: Part 1

Oh my word, we have been so busy in the STL recently it's crazy! May, June and July are crazy busy months for us and we started off our whirlwind tour with a stop in Montana for Uncle Bubba's graduation! We were so excited and so proud of Uncle Bubba for working so hard in school and graduating with a degree in fire science. We know he is going to make an awesome firefighter and most importantly we can't wait to have him back in St. Louis!

We had a great group of people heading to the festivities, my mom, Connor and I (Bj had to work), Auntie, Aunt Von, Uncle Mike, Uncle Bill, Uncle David, Mp and Gerard! It was a blast, I don't think anyone had anything less than a great time. Well...I take that back. Connor Francis was so great for most of the trip...We left St. Louis after waking C up at six, flew to Minnesota, had a two hour layover, flew for 2 hours and 40 minutes to Spokae and drove three hours to Missoula, Mt. PHEW! Are you tired thinking about that? I am tired after living through it and writing about it :) He was great but by the time the car rode rolled around he had had enough and cried the whole three hours from Spokane to Idaho to Montana :) Sorry Mom and G! :) Other than that he was great and we took in lots of sights. I am going to let the pictures to the rest of the talking...

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