Monday, May 21, 2012

Picnic at the Park

We have had the most incredible weather lately - I think since February it has been nice and we love it! We keep joking that we need to take full advantage now because this summer could be a hot one! So, we packed up after school one day and had a picnic at the park. It was perfect. My 3 year old stinker was just cute as could be and we had the best time. We ate a lunch of Panera (his choice) one a blanket under the tree. We chatted about school and then it was off to play!
 He is looking a little too big these days, I really can't handle it somedays. He really is such a fun little guy and I love hanging out with him. He loves to run up and down the slide, goofy boy.
 This child is pretty much allgeric to socks - he hates to wear them. It wouldn't bother me if his feet didn't smell so bad after a day of sweaty feet in his shoes, haha!! I love the summer time and baths every night, I love the routine of being outside all day and then getting all nice and clean to get into bed.

He just loves to play outside and I love it! I remember those long summer days and it felt like you were outside forever. We are planning on traveling to all of our favorite parks and I love that summer has really just started!

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