Thursday, May 10, 2012

School Pictures!

Oh my sweet little man, I can't believe this is his first school picture! I mean, I was seriously beaming with pride when I opened it up, I am SUCH a dork! I was working the vendor table at his school so I ran upstairs and grabbed the pictures, I seriously couldn't stop looking at them :) Now, I know this isn't the best picture of him (and why they combed his hair straight down is beyond me, I don't do that) but I just think it is so sweet of my little man at 3. I love that he is actually smiling and listening to the photograher and I love that I got to see the behind the scenes "pretend play" he did when he got home from school after they took the pictures. He played "Diane the Photographer" and I was peeing in my pants as he was sitting his "friends" down in the chair telling them to give "Diane there best smile". To me it's just another of the many milestones I am so blessed to be apart of in my sweet little Connor's life :) Oh, and I LOVE that our school takes the pictures outside! The class picture is adorable and he is all smiles too!

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