Friday, May 25, 2012

Momma's Day!

I was terrible and didn't take any pictures on Mother's Day - I just was living in the moment I guess! We had a wonderful day - my boys made me breakfast, my brother brought me flowers, I got to spend the day with my whole family - there really wasn't much to love about Momma's day :)
We have been working really hard on our yard this year, we really haven't touched it since we moved in, we have been working so hard on the inside and now is finally the year for the outside.
 Connor helps me water my flowers everyday, I just love my little worker bee. Even though they don't corelate with mother's day, I couldn't resist a few pictures of the little guy who made me a momma. We went over to my Grandma's for lunch and my in-laws for dinner. It was a really beautiful day and it was so nice to spend it outside.
 Connor loves seeing the family so he was SO excited to see everyone on Sunday! We went for a walk at NeNe's so we could feed the horses some carrots, he just loves it. He drives his cozy coupe on the walk and puts the carrots in the trunk, it cracks me up. After NeNe's we went to the Johnson's and had a wonderful dinner outside, I still try to never take for granted being so close to our family and being able to see them all the time, I love it!
It was just a great day - I am so thankful every minute of every day for the gift of being a Momma. I love my little boy more than I could ever say - every minute of the day. Even the days when he tests me as a Momma with his daily antics of being three :)

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