Saturday, November 2, 2013

6 Month Family Photos

The always talented Katharine Roberds took our 6 month pictures for us this fall! She is so amazing and I almost cried when I saw these pictures, I LOVE the one of me and my boys - it is rare these days to get a good one and I just love it :) It was pretty funny, I *thought* it was a little cooler than it really was so poor Bj was hiking around in a sweater and button down sweating. I was sweating because Connor was not wanting to cooperate. Somehow he snuck baby in the car and would only smile one picture with baby and one without. I realized when we got home that night that I had only put one earring in. Awesome! Somehow though she is incredible and captured some great pictures of my little family. I have a little project going on in the dining room to help me showcase all of her work. I will post when its finished :)
I was really surprised at home many pictures she got with Connor smiling, he pretty much wanted to do the opposite of what he asked :) Case in point, I had his sleeves rolled up and he rolled them gown. Little stinker!

I love this one, I feel like its very us these days - including the missing earring :)

My little pumpkins. I love these sweet little stinkers more than anything else. The big one can drive me crazy but I wouldn't trade him for anything :)

I loved that C has his hand on Evs head, he is always touching him in some way!

My sweet almost 5 year old, I can't believe how close he is to 5, I am in denial! He tells me "Momma, stop its okay I WANT to turn 5" ah!!

This little pumpkin is too much for me sometimes. I seriously spend half my day kissing his chubby cheeks, I can't handle them!! And his chunky little thighs and booty :)

She did a great job, I love them all! I can't wait to see what we come up with in month 9!

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