Saturday, November 2, 2013

EWJ is 6months!

On September 1st, this little stinker up and turned 6 months old on me! I seriously don't know how that happened so fast. It is truly amazing how fast life goes with kiddos. I am so thankful it worked out the way it did and I am able to stay home with these guys. It's hard for us financially but I so love being the one that is with them all the time. I love the little memories we create and I love navigating every day with them. Sweet little buddies.
Evy, at 6 months you are still the sweetest baby in the whole wide world. You always have a big smile on your face and the sound of your laugh could bring peace all around the world. It is impossible not to smile and or start laughing when you and your brother start laughing. As long as I live that will forever be the sweetest sound I have ever heard. You really started eating foods this month. We tried at 4 months but it didn't really take. So, after the last two weeks in August getting oatmeal for breakfast we started with some carrots! You LOVE to eat! You eat sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, pears, blueberries, apples, butternut squash, spaghetti squash - and I think that is all. Your brother helps me make your food and its really nice having a little helper in the kitchen :)

At your check up this month you were 26 3/4 long, 18lbs and a head circumfrance of 45 inches. You are in the 50%, 60% and 90% percentile in the above. As Dr. Calfee says, pretty much perfect! You are nursing every 3-4 hours still and I forsee that staying the same for awhile. You are thankfully sleeping through the night and on a great little schedule now. You nap at 9, 1 and sometimes 3:30 depending on when you wake up from your second nap. You are sleeping 12 hours at night from 7-7.
You love your Momma and you LOVE your big brother! You just light up when he comes in the room and talks to you - the feeling is pretty mutual on his end too, its pretty cute. We have to remind him to use gentle hands with you sometimes but you seem to be one tough cookie about it!

Every where I go someone comments on what a good, precious baby you are and I couldn't agree more! You started crawling this month on September 25th and it is really adorable to watch you! You started getting your booty up in the air and rocking back and forth and I knew it wouldn't be long before you were on the move. You seriously started crawling the day after getting your 6 month pictures taken, I very much appreciate you waiting until after those were over :) You are on the move and gaining speed as we speak!

Birdie, Evy, Evs, E-Birdie you are so precious to us, we love you to the moon and back! Can't wait to see what month seven has in store for us :)

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