Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Firefighters, The Zoo again!

Connor has decided that when they grow up he is going to be a firefighter and Evan is going to be a policeman. They are super cute, I love the little moments when we are just hanging out around the house being silly. I think those are some of my favorite reasons I am so lucky to be able to be with these stinkers all day long. I love the little everyday things :)

We like to make the most of any of our "passes" and we certainly take advantage of our zoo membership! Anytime the weather is nice we are there, I love it! I love having the pass and not having to worry about going for the whole day, it's nice to just pack up and go for an hour or two.

These three were being silly - I am not sure about the leg pose, but they went for it!

A hippo ate my baby!

My biggest purchase of the summer was our new to us double BOB - it's amazing and I love it!!! We have already gotten our use out of it, it is so nice to put both of them in there and have room for whatever else we need. The ride is amazing too, I love it!

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