Friday, October 11, 2013

PJ's, The zoo and Music!

My sweet little stinkers - I love everything about those sweet faces!

This little boy started sitting up all on his own - he needs to slow down, I can't take it! He was sitting up by himself starting July 12th, 2013 and there is no going back.

He looks like such a big boy!!

We have been taking advantage of the wonderful weather and our zoo pass! These three are pretty stinkin cute riding the train by themselves :)

Momma and the birdie!

CFJ got a "new to him" drum set from some friends and he LOVES it! I swear that boy is going to be a musician he loves to play music! He asked me one night if I wanted to "Rock" in the basement with him and Daddy!

Sweet birdie went through a phase of sticking his little tongue out - I just pretty much think he is really, really ridiculously adorable :)

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