Friday, September 13, 2013

The Lake!

We were so lucky and were able to take three trips to the lake this summer! We always look so forward to it, it is such a nice little getaway. The first time we went with Nana, Grandpa and Nonny! It was a quick weekend but we had a great time.  

Evy wasn't too sure what he thought about the life jacket the first time we put it one, but he was OUT the minute the boat started moving. It was really funny. He slept the whole time we drove and woke up after we parked.

Connor was a swimming fool this summer, he loved it! He liked to stand on the back of the boat and play with the ropes and buoys. It was pretty funny he is a mover that little boy of mine. 
All smiles with Nonny! I felt a little bad for the birdie because it was a little warm at times but he was a trooper! He slept for a little while and hung out while everyone swam :) Next year I am sure he will be jumping off the boat with Connor man!

Off to dinner! The little jon jon that Evan has on is pretty much my favorite thing for him. Aunt Steph got them for him and I think he was seriously in one of them twice a week the whole summer, so cute and easy!

The second trip to the lake was our annual trip with the Burch's! We weren't sure if they were going to be able to make it, but we were so excited to see them! Connor and Elsie had such a fun time playing, we couldn't believe how big she was! It was fun to watch her, she and E are almost exactly a year apart so it was fun to see what he was going to be getting into next year :)

The birdie and I spent a lot of time lounging and snoozing on the boat. I mean, does it get more relaxed than that!?

LOVE it when babies play with there toes! We went over to the "cold pool" after the boat for everyone to swim around. It was still a little too cold for Evs to enjoy!

The last trip of the summer was our annual trip with Nana and Grandpa! Nana and I went down a few days early and had a great time with the kiddos. It is so fun to just relax and do whatever Connor wants to do for a few days without any of the distractions of home.

We went to Miner Mikes and I think Connor, Nana and I went on the roller coaster about 12 times. It was really, really fun. It gets me so excited thinking about taking a trip to Disneyworld one of these days!

We wore Evs out and he was falling asleep in Nana's arms while Connor and I were swimming, it was really really cute :)

Once the boys came down we had to split up as our little room wasn't quite big enough for the four of us. Connor and Daddy slept up in the loft while the birdie and I slept in our room. A few mornings he woke up early to eat and then fell back asleep with me. I mean, I sent Bj this picture one morning and said I couldn't get out of bed because this sweet boy was so sweetly snuggled with me :)

The best part of the trip was BIG SURF!! We always have fun, but this year it was SO fun. Connor was big enough to do a couple of the water slides and it was way too fun. We were like a revolving door we went up and down no less than 30 times.

The boys taking a break in the lazy river! We also enjoyed the wave pool and baby area.

It was such a fun year, it was so fun having Evan with us this year to enjoy all of the activities. It will be so fun next year when he is running all over the place with Connor too :)

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