Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy 4th!

I think our little WG fourth of july festivites could be one of my favorite things about our area. I love walking down the street to the parade, grilling out with neighbors and then walking down the street to the fireworks. This year we even threw in walking to the carnival and pool! We ended up having my family and a few friends over for a little cook out and it was such a fun night!
We had a great time at the parade, I love dressing everyone up in there red, white and blue! My sweet, sweet boys. I love that Connor will sometimes be really excited to pose for pictures with his brother in them :) I remember crying at the pumpkin patch last year (pregnant) because Connor wouldn't have to pose for pictures by himself anymore. Hahahah!!

This one totally makes me smile, not only are they little buddies they love them some Evs :)

 Nonny, G, Caitlin, came to the parade too, it was actually a really nice day. It was warm but not too bad considering last July it was like 350* :) 

Overall it was a wonderful day! We had a great time celebrating and everyone made it to the fireworks and then we were out!

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