Monday, June 3, 2013

Evan is ONE Month!

 How in the world does time go so fast with a little bitty wee one in the house!? I don't know how my sweet baby turned one month old before my eyes! He is the sweetest little baby and I am so incredibly thankful for him. 
I told Bj that I still think we have room in our family for one more, but when I look at Evan I realize that he has been missing from our family for all these years. I just feel so happy and lucky to have him with us. 

Sweet baby smiles are starting this month and I LOVE it! I just don't think there is anything like that sweet, sweet precious innocence! 

You still aren't sleeping much at night, more during the day but that is to be expected. You eat A LOT, I swear you are nursing every two hours. It takes a lot of work to make chucky baby rolls :) 

I love this one, somebody was all finished with the photo shoot :) Connor found the "just born" sticker that I didn't use and wanted me to write 4 on it, I thought that was really sweet that he wanted in on the photo sessions! 

I love these two with all my heart - I can't wait to see what month 2 brings! 

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