Monday, June 3, 2013


This is a picture heavy one, but I just have so many! I thought I would lump them all into one :)
I just love pictures of a sleeping baby, they are SO stinkin cute! 

Our first walk as 3! You can tell, but Evan was in there in the ergo :) 

Connor loves writing his letters, he has mastered Evan - he even knows how to spell it on his own, I love it!



Sometimes I have a hard time putting him down, I just love snuggling with my sweet, sweet baby boy!

My first smile I caught on camera! 

This time he was sleeping at the park :) 

Sweet big brother!

Telling secrets!

Baby burrito!

Connor practices tummy time with E everyday - he even gives him stickers when he does a good job holding his head up :) 

First time in the shopping cart at Schnucks! I wasn't sure where I was going to put the groceries! :) I am at least thankful these car carts are much easier to maneuver. 

He loves his new name sign!

I couldn't love these two anymore :) 

Cute, cute kiddos and Evan's first trip to the zoo!

Connor's school picture for 2013 - I was pretty happy about it considering I forgot it was picture day :) I still don't know why they like to comb his hair straight down!
Did you know that Jake the pirate lives at my house? He does!

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