Saturday, June 8, 2013


It was really nice being in STL this time around and being able to baptize Evan whenever it worked! We have a new parish that we belong to and I love it. The priest who did the baptism was fun and I think it will be a good fit for us, when we go to church :) The boys were SO good, Connor sat on the riser and worked with his dry erase markers and Evan slept until Communion.

Right as we were getting ready to go to Communion I was planning in my head that I would go right back to the cry room so that I could feed and change him. I knew he wouldn't make it through the whole ceremony without eating so I knew it would work. About that time he looked and me and let out a HUGE blowout poop. I mean it was one of those that went up his back, on my dress it was pretty funny. We got him changed and fed and we were on our way!

The proud parents! 

Sweet little guy, he did so well! He didn't make one peep the entire time :) 

With his Godmomma Caitey-Lou!

I love his sweet face in this one, such a good little man!

With his awesome godparents, Caitlin and Patrick! I think they were very excited and they have already been awesome, Evan is a lucky little man!

This one TOTALLY cracks me up, Connor was really good throughout the whole ceremony but he was ready to go home at this point so he is sitting behind us. Funny little stinker! 

Once again G outdid herself with his yummy cake! Not only did it look good, it tasted good too :) 

He was flirting with Grandma Nancy!

Sweet, sweet boy! He did such a good job at his Baptism and it was so nice having the whole family over to celebrate with us! We did pulled pork sandwiches, salad, chips and cake! It was delicious and such a great Sunday afternoon. I know he is going to grow up being a sweet, sweet little man!

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