Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Easter!

Our first little holiday as a family of four! Minus St. Patricks day that I was too sleep deprived to document :) We had so much fun dying eggs, Nonny came over and we had a little dinner together. Connor loved dying the eggs and I think he was finished in about 5 mins, it was really funny. He wanted to drop the eggs in and then take them out right away. 

Little E just hung out in his bouncy seat! He can't wait to take part in the egg dying next year :)

We made our yearly trip to Purina Farms! We always love going, this year was cold! Poor E was so bundled up and he slept the whole time!

Me and E were the only ones who wanted to get our pictures taken with the Easter bunny, haha!

I may have dies of happiness on Easter morning with my two little babies to put ears on, I am a HUGE nerd but I loved it :) Connor ran around and found all of his Easter goodies and he even helped Evan find his!

He is wondering how in the world he was given to this family and crazy Momma :)

Easter egg hunt! It was cold so Connor was also done with this in no time at all!

Those $1 ears were the gift that kept on giving Connor and his friends still wear them!

The little birdie, I loved this little outfit, I found it on ebay! It was $5, I slapped a monogram on it and he has worn it 3 times, sadly he has outgrown it. This was the best picture I got of him in it, sweet thing!

We went to brunch at my Uncle's and just had a great day celebrating! It was such a fun holiday and we were so happy to have our sweet little Evan with us year!

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