Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Big Brother!

When we got pregnant, I just knew Connor was going to be a great big brother, I really didn't question it. I know a lot people wondered if he would be really jealous since it was just us for awhile, but I just had a feeling he was going to do well. I knew it would be an adjustment for all of us and we would have ups and downs too. I have to say that Connor has done even better than I thought with the transition. He wanted a baby sister so bad that I was a little nervous he was going to be upset when he found out he had a baby brother. He stayed with Debbie when I had him and she said he was so excited, a little nervous but so excited to meet Evan. He told her he wanted a baby sister but he was so happy that he had a brother.

I will never forget, he came in and gave me a hug, opened his big brother presents, looked at E and went about his business. It wasn't until a little later when someone said Evan couldn't eat something because he didn't have any teeth. C was like, what?! no teeth?! It was really funny and that was all it took for him to warm up to his baby brother. He didn't want to hold him the first day, but asked to the next day and I am pretty sure we snapped about 100 pictures. 

Oh these pictures just make my heart ache with how much I love them. He was so excited to meet his baby and get to hold him. He told me he was adorable and he loved his little baby toes and soft hair. 

He wanted to wear his "4" birthday shirt to the hospital so that Evan would know his name is Connor and he is 4. I loved it, it still makes me smile when I think about it. 

I can't handle the smile on his face - he was so proud, IS so proud to be a big brother. I told him how lucky he is to have a baby brother. I said I have a baby brother and I think he is pretty great and I love being a big sister to him. He just kept getting a big smile on his face. :) 

He told Nana that he loves him so much and he really wanted a brother. I seriously can't watch anything involving brothers without getting chocked up, I can't wait to watch there bond grow as they grow. 

He loves to say "Goodnight E!"  and then we have to say in a funny low voice "Good night C!" and then he goes "Love you E" and we have to say "Love you C!". It's adorable. At first he called him Evs, but we have started calling him E now and it seems to have stuck :) I love both of these precious boys to the moon and back!

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