Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We were so excited to finally be able to bring our sweet little E home! We woke up and it was SNOWING! I never thought I would bring my March baby home in the snow! I was up bright and early getting us all ready to break on out of the hospital and see my big boy at home!
Wow, I am looking awesome :) It's a good thing that they will love me as there Momma and not for the way I look. :) Haha! We got a picture like this when we brought Connor home so we had to with E too! I was sad that we didn't wait until Connor got home from school to take the pic with him, but Evan needed to eat and he wasn't going to wait. Haha!

The doggies seem to love him - I think they think he is old news after having Connor. They are like been there done that, haha! 
Connor brought birthday oreos to school in honor of E's birthday! He was SO excited and said that his friends and teacher's loved seeing the pictures of his new baby brother. He picked out the picture to bring to school, sweet little guy. 

He came flying in the door from school with a little blue bag saying he had a hat for E, we didn't know what he was talking about. One of the teachers at school makes these little hats for the older siblings to pick out for the new baby. I thought it was totally adorable and it was our favorite hat for him!

He loves holding him, it makes me so happy. Bj and I were laughing that when Evan is older he is going to wonder why Connor only had Jake pajamas to wear - he is seriously wearing them in every picture because its all he wears :)

First car ride! He was an angel and slept the whole way! He was excited to go home too :) 

My THREE boys! I just love them all to pieces!

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