Friday, May 10, 2013

Little E

After 12 hours and 31 minutes of labor which ended with my little man getting stuck, we welcomed the sweetest little angel screaming into the world. I can not even begin to put into words how incredibly amazing it was to hear him crying for the first time, in the delivery room! I don't remember them telling me he was a boy, I don't remember how much it hurt - all I can remember is that sweet, sweet, amazingly beautiful sound. It was the complete opposite of Connor's birth. I told everyone "He's crying! Did you hear him? He was crying!" Sweetest, sweetest sound on earth. I am not lying when I say that I loved being in labor. Yes, it hurt and I threw out some bad words but I loved it. It was so happy and exciting - waiting on this perfect, healthy little baby. My mom, brother, Shannon, Auntie G, Gerard, Annie, MP and Brian were all with me. They stayed until the very end to meet the newest little sweetie in the wee hours of the morning. My mom was showing everyone the boy/girl stuff I had monogrammed. Bj took a pic of E from the waist up and sent it out to my mom and left everyone in suspense wondering if we had a boy or a girl! It was funny, but I am not sure how funny everyone else thought it was :) 
It was amazing being able to hold him right away, and smell him and HEAR him! When they broke my water earlier in the night they noticed merconium so the NICU team checked him out right away but it was amazing. They were all laughing and telling me how great he looked, how big he looked, how perfect he looked! It was amazing. Did I mention it was amazing and I am already ready to do it again? Obviously the birth of your child is amazing but after experiencing a tough one this just blew me away. It was so easy - we went in, labored and had a baby, then went home with the baby a few days later. I just felt like I had to keep pinching myself - it was real and those first few days of snuggling in the room were incredible. 

My sweet friend Jess above cleaned my house for me while I was in the hospital! She is amazing - she didn't want me to come home to a dirty house, love her! We had so many visitors, it was wonderful! Connor was with my in-laws and he came a little later that day and it was so good to see him, I missed him somthing big! He was so cute, he gets a whole post of his own though :) 

This sweet little boy is SO incredibly loved already - I seriously just sat and stared at him. I have waited a long time for his sweet face to bless our family and it's been amazing. Bj and I kept laughing that we were just waiting for the nurses to come and take him away - it was such a huge change having him with us the whole time and being able to hold him and pass him around! I loved being able to nurse him right away.

Pope Evan :) 

I am such a lucky Momma with TWO BOYS to love on - I seriously couldn't be happier. I loves these two more than anything in the world. I tear up every time I think about my "brothers" growing up together. I can't watch that verizon commercial with the brothers without being reduced to tears. 

Big brother, he sure loves his little baby E! 

Sweet, precious sleeping sweetie. I would feed this little nugget and then he would just snuggle in on my side, he still does and it's pure heaven. There is nothing in this world like a sweet, snuggly little baby! 

One of the first things I thought was "who the hell does he look like!" Ha! I think he looks more like my side of the family and a lot like his Uncle Davey - his hair even looks red in some pictures! I know one thing, I sure think he is a beautiful little boy!

I can't get over how much I love his legs - they are so much chunkier now, I can't take it!!! 

I just love that sweet face, I took quite a few pictures of this sweet guy :) 

My amazingly wonderful doctor, I mean I seriously miss seeing him once a week!

C loved laying in my bed and pressing all of the buttons, it was pretty funny :) He was playing on the bed with R, showing her how it went up and down. They kept hitting the nurses button too, oops! 

He still keeps his little legs up like this sometimes and I wish I could have gotten a picture that captured just how cute it is - poor little almost 9lb'der I don't know how he had any room in my big old belly!

I just love this sweet little baby to pieces. I said I knew God would give us the perfect little new family member and he did. E has just come into our lives like he has always been here. It really is amazing, he just fits right in and I already can't remember our life without him. It's been a fun, crazy, sweet, amazing and exhausting first few months! 

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