Friday, December 14, 2012


This is pretty much another common site in my life, the back of Connor's head as he is on my lap or in front of me watching tv or doing something :) We have gotten pretty creative on bedrest coming up with different ways to keep ourselves occupied :)

This just totally made me laugh. I put out my nativity scene for the first time this year and Connor loved playing with the people. I quickly realized that I needed to get him his own little set and he has had a lot of fun playing with it! He calls it his nativity from Ms. Jess because she found it at Kohl's for him :) He loves playing with the little people, usually baby Jesus is a pirate and it cracks me up to see Mary, Joseph and the three wise-men riding along in a fire engine :) Ha! Little boys and there trucks, I love it!
This is Connor's advent calendar, want to know how long it lasted? Not even a full 2-days before he quietly snuck upstairs and ate all the chocolate out of it :) Next year I may have to spring for a non-chocolate advent calendar :) ha!
Skipper the elf has been causing all kind of trouble around our house and Connor loves it :) This morning Skipper was telling Connor how proud of him he was because he has been working really hard on being a good listener. He knew how hard Connor was trying and dropped off some donuts, but not before helping himself to one or two! 
The kiddos made gingerbread houses at the neighbors last weekend and it was adorable! I watched from the couch but they had the best time and the houses turned out so cute! We decided that this is definately going to be an annual traditon, they loved it!

St. Nick dropped off our new favorite Christmas good, The Gingerbread Pirates. After reading it, C decided that he wanted to make some gingerbread cookies. We couldn't say no so Bj got everything ready and we had a nice little Sunday decorating cookies and laying around. It was just one of those days we never left our pjs (I am not kidding anyone C hardly ever changes out of pj's!) lounging around. It was lovely! Bj has been hard at work finishing off a room in the basement for Connor's playroom and working on the nursery, I have been busy supervising from the bed or couch so it was nice to just do nothing as a family :)

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