Friday, December 14, 2012

First Ambulance Ride/ER Visit!

I promise this is my last update for the day! I love how I don't update for a month and then do 10 posts in a day :) Monday, December 10th my mother-in-law came over and picked Connor up for the day. They were going to get some stuff for his birthday party and play at her house. She noticed that her car was driving funny so she pulled over and made it to the Mercedes dealership. She said Connor was being so good for her while she talked to them - they were eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. She said Connor was sitting in a chair and dropped something on the floor. He kind of hopped off the chair to grab it, not seeing that it was under the glass table. He bonked his head on the corner of the table and put a HUGE gash in his forehead. I had no idea what happened and I called in the midst of it, she said "Ellen, don't panic but Connor hit his head and has to go to the hospital." I mean, my heart was on the floor and I was telling myself to take deep breaths, mainly because I didn't know what had happened. I managed to ask if she has called Bj, she had and then she told me what happened. Thankfully my brother was here because I am not supposed to drive. I called who thankfully knew better than to argue with me when I asked what hospital there were going to  :)
Debbie had called the ambulance because she knew he was going to need stitches. They came, cleaned him up and put him in the ambulance to go to the ER. Bj said they asked him if he wanted the sirens on and he said yes :) He wants an ambulance for christmas so I was hoping that instead of being too scared, he would be excited that he was riding in an ambulance! After talking to Bj and my mom I calmed down and knew that my bp would be better if I was with Connor, especially getting stitches in his head. The hospital is where my dr's are so I knew I would be in good hands if need be.

So scary! This was him arriving at the ER, Bj said he was so good in the ambulance and by the time I got to him, he was sitting so big in his room with the numbing gel on his forehead, playing on Bj's phone. I had tears in my eyes just thinking about how brave he was. He is so shy and doesn't like to be the center of attention and God bless him, he did so great.

I love this expression on his face, this is his typical "oh my gosh, all these people are fawning on me, I am going to stick close to mom and dad look".

After applying two doses of numbing gel to his forehead they came in and were ready to stitch him up. The child life person came down to hold the ipad above C's head so he could watch what he wanted, I mean he watched Curious George like it was no big deal, ha! He was SOOOO good while they laid his head down, cleaned his forehead off and gave him the shot. He flinched a little, but held on to my hand like such a brave little shoulder. I got a little nervous when the dr started stitching, I couldn't watch and I may have been squeezing poor Connor's hand :) When it was over, he had two internal stitches and six stitches across the front of his forehead for a total of 8!

He was all stitched up and ready to go! He got a popsicle, cranberry juice, skittles and a penguin from Nana. I laughed that he could have asked for anything and I would have given it to him. I couldn't believe we had made it almost four years before our first ER visit and stitches! He was one week shy of turning four :)

When we got home he wanted to snuggle in bed, um no problem at all! :) He wanted me to take a picture so he could see his stitches, sweet thing. You can still see the blood on his shirt and it was all in his hair. Thankfully I was able to wash his hair in the sink! Nonny and Uncle Davey brought pizza over for dinner and we were good to go after an adventurous day! I just couldn't believe how brave he was, I told him over and over how proud of him I was! We get to take the bandages off tomorrow and the stitches will disolve on there own in a few more days! The neighbors brought him over an ambulance ornament and we wrote "Connor's First Ambulance Ride" and the date on it. He keeps talking about the next one and I said we didn't need anymore ambulance rides, ha!

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