Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I totally can't believe I am posting the above picture but I am trying not to care, it's a picture of my boy and I and I love it. I am just so thankful for him, and I sure was thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving at home with my boys. We snuck out of the house in the morning to watch the runners and ring some bells, it was so fun as usual! There were a ton of runner this year, probably close to 2,000!
My mother-in-law made extra side dishes for us and Bj cooked a turkey so we were able to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner, it was so wonderful. Connor and I stole the little turkey placecard idea from Aunt Steph and made those in bed for a little "color" on the table. We pulled out the china and enjoyed a nice and quiet evening at home, just the three of us. My mom and brother were able to stop by and it was a lovely little day. I am faily certain I ate three helpings of food and went back for more after I napped off my initial three helpings. I mean, I would be depriving the baby if I didn't eat all of that, right?! :) Ha! 
This boy dog is about as spoiled as they come and seriously has NO idea that he is a dog. He has been loving bedrest and this is a pretty common picture these days, he and Sedona are never too far from my site or growing lap :) 
I was SHOCKED when we woke up the day after Thanksgiving and Bj told me I could drive in the car with them to get the christmas tree, as long as I stayed in the car :) He has kept my butt pretty glued to the couch so this was huge for him! So we loaded everyone up and went off in search of a tree!
Bj did a great job taking pictures for me and if I do say so myself, they picked out the perfect tree this year! It was FREEZING that day, poor Connor is in two coats, wrapped in a blanket but refusing to wear a hat :) We came home and got to work making the tree beautiful! Connor loved decorating the tree, he had already decorated the one in his room so he was an old pro at it. 
This is my vantage point these days and I love having this beautiful tree to look at. I just love this time of year, it's magical. I love my little life and it has been kind of nice at this time of year to relax a little and think about what is really important. It was a wonderful little Thanksgiving weekend!

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