Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Weeks!

Per usual, I am way behind! :) As I am typing this I am 29 weeks and this little pork chop is bigger than this ultrasound picture! I went in for my glucose screening and my blood pressure was high, so I was sent home on bedrest, only to fail my 1 hour and have to come back for the 3 hour. The plan was to re-test my bp then and see what to do from there. My bp was even higher three days later which led to some fear and tears and a referral to the high risk specialist. I was sent home on bedrest and bp monitoring at home. Good news, I passed my 3 hour glucose! :) I went in for an in depth u/s where the little peanut looked PERFECT!!! Just music to momma's ears, he/she weighed in at 2lbs, 4oz. All I could think of was that was 1/2 way to Connor's birth weight. I was sent home after the u/s and met with the high risk dr a few days later. He said bedrest it is for me for the duration of the pregnancy and our first goal is to make it to 36 weeks. So we are just hanging out at home and monitoring my bp 3 times a day and going in for weekly dr appointments. I am alternating between the high risk dr and my regular ob. I am SO beyond thankful to be at home and I am doing my best to just be good and relax so the little pork chop can beef up for at least the next 7 weeks!
I am in good spirits and I think mainly it's because I am home where I can be with Connor and Bj and I am comfortable - I am also home for the holidays and Connor's birthday which is huge for me. The first few days/week were really hard on me, I didn't think it would be so hard. I will say that bedrest has never sounded like fun to me and anyone who has ever been on it would agree. It's hard, emotional and so scary when there is a sweet little baby's health on the line. I really struggled with being a mom to an energetic almost 4 year old and a mom to a little bun in the oven who needs lots more cooking time. I hate not being there for Connor, who at the time had an ear infection and wasn't feeling well and I hated not being able to do what I am used to doing. But, once I got a schedule worked out and with the help of an amazing family and friends we are all doing much better! Connor is able to get out and burn off energy, we have people bringing meals and I am just getting bigger by the minute :) I am continually humbled by the kindness of so many people and tell Bj all the time that I don't deserve it. For now we are so thankful for the help from our family and friends and we are just getting as much rest and calmness as we can, we are settling in to our new little routine and doing well! I am sure I will try and keep updating! :) The dogs are keeping me company and are lazy as ever and my sweet boy has been SO wonderful adjusting to everything. He has had his moments but overall we are soaking in all the time we have just us before our sweet little Baby J arrives!


JENN said...

thinking about you and baby J while you're on bedrest! i'm glad you get to rest at home with your family! hope you're feeling well and that you guys have a wonderful christmas!!

Little Momma & Co. said...

Thanks Jenn!! I am so thankful to be at home too, you know how it goes :) I hope you guys have a very merry christmas too!! Ms. Emma is getting so big!!! Hope all is well with you! xoxo

Kym said...

Oh my goodness, bed rest again!? At least you get to spend all of this time with your boys before baby #2 arrives - so happy that you have so much love and support in your life. Keep yourself and that baby cozy and safe!! xo