Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning, 2012

I am sure if I looked back to last Christmas I will have said the same thing, but I am not sure there is anything more magical than Christmas with a 4 year old. Oh my word, my sweet boy has been SO excited for Christmas. He couldn't wait, every morning he wanted to know how many more days we had left - next year I really want a fabric advent calendar, the chocolate one didn't last too long in our house :) Connor was in his jammies right after dinner on Christmas Eve and I think he was ready to for bed! He was a little sad, he kept telling me how much he was going to miss Skipper the elf. He took a few pictures of him before bedtime so he could remember him until next year, ha! This was our little tree after Santa came, I kind of love being Santa. I had a little bit too much fun shopping from the couch for everything but after looking at it I realized I didn't do as bad as I thought :)

Skipper the elf played one last trick on Connor, he taped him in his room on Christmas morning! I was actually the one who woke everyone else up on Christmas morning, I guess that isn't too surprising at nearly 31 weeks pregnant though! It was a few trips to the bathroom and all of a sudden I heard "Momma, I can't get out of my room!" haha! I of course flew up and ran in with the camera so we could videotape him :) He was really happy that Skipper left him a little note and and played one last prank on him :) Sweet, sweet boy - we had a lot of fun with the old elf on the shelf this year.

I will have to get the videos uploaded, he was SO sweet going down the stairs - he goes "Santa ate his cookies, the reindeer ate the carrots and the milk is gone!!" He was SO excited to put it out and equally as excited that they were gone in the morning :) He was then SO excited that Santa had come! He ran over to the tree and asked if all the presents were his! :) We laughed because only few were not his :) We were actually surprised that it took nearly an hour to open everything - he was more of the whirling dervish of wrapping paper this year flying through things! He kept going "this is what I wanted! this was on my list!!" haha!!

Daddy wanted to stop and make some coffee so we were able to get C to take a very brief reprieve from opening presents to get a picture and then we were right back at it :)

This ambulance was and still is the PRIZED pocession of Christmas morning. I mean, he was SOOOO, SOOOO, SOOOO excited about it! He pulled the wrapping paper off SO fast and was screaming "this is what I wanted!!!! Santa brought me the exact ambulance I wanted!!!!!" He RAN over to his toy boxes and grabbed out his police car and firetruck to go with it. It was the cutest thing ever. Bj and I seriously couldn't stop smiling all day. We got a really good video, I mean - I am telling you what it's just magical :) My mom and Davey came over to celebrate with us before they left for my Grandma's. Connor met them at the door and showed them the ambulance and was handiing them their presents, it was so funny! The ambulance has a stretcher, 2 paramedics and a little boy with it. So we have been playing that my little boy fell and hit his head on the coffee table and has to get stitches :) Sound familiar?! :)  

He was also pretty excited about more play food to go in his kitchen. We love the pizza exhibit at the magic house so this pizza set was a huge hit! We ate a lot of pizza on Christmas morning :) 

This little set was the second hit of Christmas, Captain Hook's cabinet of Hooks! Santa was really excited because she got a GREAT deal on this and it went over really well! It has all of these interchangeable hooks, they are pretty cute. His favorite is this one that shoots out water cannons :)

He loved his microdrifters set, legos and everything! He got a new Jake and the "Leverland Pirates" stuffed toy and he loves it - I am not kidding when I say that over the course of the day we opened every single present that he received! It was really pretty precious :) Nonny and Uncle Davey came in time for breakfast and round two of presents! I think Connor was in heaven, he couldn't believe all the presents and he loved having visitors stopping by!

This was my view for most of the day and I just couldn't stop feeling so happy and blessed. It was not lost on me that I was so lucky and happy to be able to be at home and spend Christmas morning with my boys and not in the hospital. That was one of the hardest things for me thinking about when I was put on bedrest so many weeks ago. But, I was home and so incredibly blessed, thankful and happy I was. I couldn't stop thinking about what our Christmas morning will look like next year with two little stinkers! It's so funny to think are we going to have double the boy toys or boy and girl toys next year?! :)

Santa brought the Peter Pan dvd and it was another hit, we have watched it quite a few times since Christmas! Bj got a new "snugglie" as Connor calls it from Nonny and I think it's his favorite gift of this holiday season :) He didn't spend much time out of it at all for the two days he was off :)

"Mini" was I think the family's favorite gift this year, I was SOOO surprised! She hasn't been out of someone's hands since Christmas eve either :)

I just loved him sitting here "reading" with his little slippers and legs crossed. My sweet, sweet boy! We had a wonderful Christmas - as hard as it was not being a part of the big celebration with families it was really nice to be calm and quiet just our little family. We didn't brush our teeth or change out of our jammies, we just enjoyed the time as a family. We played, watched movies, sat on the couch and really enjoyed being together. We are so very blessed and happy and full of love this holiday season! We hope everyone had a very merry christmas as well!

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