Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Per doctor's orders we were at home for the holidays, bedresting from our little house! While we were really sad not to be able to join in and do our normal holiday routine it was really nice to be at home and have our family come to us! I had really wanted to host Christmas Eve again before going on bedrest so we decided that my in-laws would still come over and we would celebrate with everything on Christmas Eve! It was such a fun little night and we really enjoyed ourselves!
Bj was pretty excited with his gifts -  fancy beer and crown, in his eyes it doesn't get much better than that :)

My mother in law has a birthday on Christmas so we decided since we wouldn't be able to celebrate with her on her big day, we wanted to have a cake on christmas eve! It was so fun to sing happy birthday and Connor helped her blow out her candles. He also enjoyed eating ALL of the icing from his plate and any other plate he could get his hands on! We told him he better stop because if he didn't fall asleep Santa wouldn't be able to come! After cake he was in his jammies, setting milk, cookies and carrots out and he was ready for bed in no time, he wanted to make sure Santa was able to come and drop all his toys off :)

I mean...I am pretty large and in charge these days, especially in the belly area but I think this picture makes me look slightly bigger than I really am :) I am not one who cares, I love my big, pregnant belly and the little pork chop inside. I found this dress over the summer for $3 at Kohls, and I knew I was going to wear it on Christmas Eve, bedrest or not! :) A funny sidenote, I had to put tights on and they were not maternity tights but I was like I will stuff myself into them and see what happens, I got them on, and was pretty proud until I realized the only reason they went on was because of a giant hole in the booty! hahah! Look at the face on my child - this is the LOVELY little face we typically get when we want him to smile for a picture, cute huh!? I said I can't wait to pull this out in a few years to show him :)

My nightly ritual was to wrap all of the amazon boxes that arrived on my doorstep that day - I wanted to stay on top of things and it gave me a change of scenery, the floor instead of the couch. I was pretty impressed with myself, all I had to do was arrange the presents as Bj brought them up on Christmas Eve and I was good to go! I just smiled as I looked at everything, I couldn't wait for Connor to wake up the next morning and see what Santa had brought!

One of my favorite gifts this year were these new Christmas dishes from my mom. I have wanted to christmas dishes forever and she found a great deal on them last year after christmas. I may have had to wait a whole year to get them but she was nice enough to let me use them on Christmas eve. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the place settings, it looked so pretty and festive! It was my one little touch for Christmas Eve, Debbie brought over the chicken ala king for dinner so all I had to do was show up and eat :) Bj and I watched a few Christmas movies and it was off to bed, awaiting the arrival of Santa!

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