Friday, November 16, 2012

iPhone Dump!

I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with my phone - I love that I always have it with me to snap pictures I might otherwise miss, but sometimes it makes me a little lazy and I don't take enough pictures with my bigger camera. Maybe investing in a smaller one will be in my future? Most of these are from the summer, but I still wanted to remember them. This is how I would find Connor some mornings just reading books in his bed, I love it!
We went to the Kirkwood Farmer's Market quite a few times this fall, we loved it! It is close and right down the street from Connor's school - it was also where we got our mums and corn stalks. 
Connor loved the fact that the slide had hay at the end, I think he went up and down it about a million times :)

I just love this picture - he was posing with the corn stalks they put on the top of the car for us. He thought it was too fun - he was such a little worker that day, he helped me put all the mums in the car, bring them in and plant them. He is such a little worker bee, sweet boy.

We went down to the Ram van and did a little tailgating - surprising Connor loves playing in the Ram van as much as he loves playing in Daddy's bus. He is so funny he can't get enough of playing in them and pretending he is driving the different cars. He loves the bathroom, horn and microwave in this one!

We made some playdough a few weeks ago and this kid was in heaven! He seriously played with it non-stop for days, until we accidently left the lid off :) He was playing restaurant here - one of his favorites. He was cracking me up as he was cutting up the "chicken" he had two piles, one with the "good stuff" and one with the "yucky fat". Haha! Can you tell he helps me in the kitchen a lot? I think that sums up my iphone photos for now!

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