Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pizza Man!

We are big fans of Dewey's pizza around here, we totally love it! Sometimes we don't love how expensive it can be, but we still love it. We were given the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser for a family in the area and were able to be the pizza makers for the afternoon! The fundraiser raised money for congenitive heart failure, a family lost their baby to it and I totally cried thinking about it and seeing all of the baby pictures. I love doing anything I can to help find a cure for all of the terrible things out there.
Connor was SO excited to be the "pizza man" for the afternoon. We went back into the back and they showed up how to roll out the dough for the pizza, we were all able to make our own - we had so many pizzas at the table it was amazing! The kids had the best time and thought it was so fun - I mean they let us have free reign of the kitchen, it really was cool.

We were so excited to be able to able to put our own toppings on - C and I were super fancy with a little pepperoni, bacon and goat cheese - once we find something we like we don't stray too far :) Ha! 
We all sat down while the pizzas were cooking and enjoyed some salads and chit chat. The kiddos all sat down at one end of the table, it was really cute. Can you tell Connor was excited to take a picture with his momma and pizza?! :) 

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