Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe as I am typing this that Halloween 2012 has already come and gone - I seriously don't know how it is already November! We had a great halloween - Bj was off the whole day so we hung around, carved the pumpkins and raked the leaves. We were ready by 5 though to walk down and have pizza at the neighborhood party! I have totally hit the "hungry all the time" stage and don't hold back as I ate 3 pieces of pizza, 2 cookies and a few pieces of candy :)
We started off the halloween season with a party at the Diehr's - Annie is amazing and threw this awesome party with so many kids and so many fun things to do. It really got us excited for trick or treating the next week!
Connor was "curious george" this year! He sure loves him some george and I think that theme is going to transfer over to his birthday too :) I looked into getting him a new costume but many of the monkey costumes looks just the same as this beauty he wore for his 2nd halloween. So, I reused the top from two years ago and put different pants on :) I mean - I was thrifty at least! I also knew how long he was going to keep his costume on and couldn't justify spending a lot on a new one. Ha! 

I know I am biased, but I think these are some pretty cute kiddos! We walked down to the party together, ate some yummy food and then it was time to trick or treat! We went up and down our block before coming back home to pass out candy. Connor had fun trick or treating but he was ready to head home and he loved handing the candy out. He was so funny he ran over to the door with his bowl and took his job very seriously. He laughed at the jokes and made sure everyone got some candy. His little friend Atticus stopped by so they played in between trick or treaters. I bought 175 pieces of candy and it was all gone! My last four treaters got the last four pieces. I love having a lot of people coming up and down the block, it makes it so much fun!

Look at all these cute kiddos. C and R were hiding in the back with the big kids, it was kind of funny :) It was another great halloween, we are already looking forward to 2013!

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