Thursday, September 6, 2012

Michigan, Take 2

 I kind of love taking pictures and since I love this blog for my memories, I pretty much post every single on that I like :) This is my silly, silly boy these days. The faces that he makes usually crack me up, somedays I don't know what to do with him!

 This "point" is a classic right now, it kind of cracks me up. I am not sure where he gets it from!
I love that smile, that pure joy, happiness and innocence on there face, I just could bottle it up!

One of my favorite things about Michigan besides sitting on the beach is going blueberry picking! We go to this little family owned place and it is really fun. You tie the bucket around your waist and go to town! We went the day after a huge thunderstorm that work all of us up except for Connor and the power was out everywhere. They even had a down line in the blueberry fields but thankfully they steered us to another field :)
Connor loved it! At first he didn't realize that he could eat them while we were picking them and then he really enjoyed blueberry picking! He worked so hard to fill up his bucket, it was really cute.

Poor guy, I seriously take a million pictures of him, I think he loves it though. Haha! He was actually posing for the camera when we were blueberry picking, he kept going "take my picture momma!".

This is another one of those faces we get :) Ha! I have to include them in as it sums him up some days at the tender age of 3.5 :)

I loved watching him run up and down the beach, it was seriously so nice to get outside and actually want to be outside!

This is the sandcastle he built with Nonny. He loved building - we made several sand castles, a turtle and mainly we loved destroying them when we were finished :)

I need to make a collage of all the places his cars have been, the boy still loves his cars. Oh Michigan, we already can't wait for next year! It was such a great year with great memories - can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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