Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michigan, 2012

 After taking a year off we were so excited that Nonny decided to take us to Michigan this year! We love it and this year didn't disappoint! We left the 105* St. Louis and relished in the 80* days and 70* nights in Michigan, it was heavenly! I told Bj (who had to work and wasn't able to make it this year) that we may not come home until the St. Louis weather matched the Michigan weather. He told me we could be here for awhile, hahah!
Nonny gave C this cute little cars back pack full of sand toys and he loved throwing it over his shoulder and carrying it to the beach. He was so funny, he loved the beach. I think we were just all thrilled to be outside and comfortable! July was so hot here in St. Louis we honestly didn't go outside. But, in Michigan we took a walk everyday and spent so many hours outside, it was lovely and wonderful.

See all those plastic bottles? They make me happy that I don't spend much money at all on toys because the boy seriously played with them the whole time. He would confiscate them from everyone who was drinking them and fill them with sand, water and just play around it was pretty funny. By the end of the week he had a trashbag full of them! He looked like a little hoarder on the beach :)

He was a total beach bum we seriously would go to the beach at 11 and stay until 7 or 7:30 and he was perfectly happy and content playing and running around. We packed lunch, snacks, drinks and toys and we were good to go. It was just so pleasant playing, walking on the sand and hanging out with great friends and family.

He liked being in the water but he didn't really like touching the sand bar (until the end) or the seashells when you first walked out, silly goose.
He had so much fun playing with the Diehr kiddos, they played on the beach and back at the house, it was really nice for him to have some fun friends to play with. They were cracking us up playing with the water bottles.

I love this picture we had all of these umbrellas set up so we spent the majority of the time in the shade with the lovely breeze on us listening to the water. We seriously camped out from about lunchtime to dinnertime. We would have snacks in the afternoon and appetizers before dinner. That is one of my favorite things about vacation, time is out the window and so are schedules, I love it!

I couldn't help myself, I seriously took a million pictures of my sweet boy on the beach. We just had the best time lounging around and enjoying our time. I already can't wait for next year and I am trying to scheme a way to get two weeks instead of one :) hahah! Don't worry though, I have a whole other picture post from Michigan coming up, I had to many pictures to fit into one! ha!

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