Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Catch up!

Since today is Labor day I should probably recap our summer before another season passes me and I haven't updated the blog :) Ha! I have a few posts to do so hopefully I actually get them out in a timely manner. We just had a great summer, we were super busy but it was great. I love this age with Connor. Yes, the snarkiness/"selective" listening drives me crazy but overall he is funny and just plain fun. He is seriously my buddy and we had a great time tooling all over the place this summer! 
We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer. C loves it - he gets his floaty on and swims all around the pool, I love it! Nonny was kind enough to share her pool membership with us so we spent most of our time at the Brentwood pool but we went to the Webster pool quite a bit too! He loved it!

 These three were such good friends this summer, we would go to the pool in the late afternoon and I swear they would play until we made them leave. It didn't matter they would play in the shallow pool, the wave pool, the slide, the sprinklers - they had the best time playing pretend and splashing in the water. I loved it!

 We took lots of trips to the lake this year and we just had a great time every time we went! We actually just got back from a relaxing trip with Nana and Grandpa for Labor day weekend. We went down for the 4th of July with our friends the Burch's. We had the best time going out on the boat, eating out, hanging out and watching the fireworks. This is not the best picture of us, but I love it. C ran over and said he wanted his picture with Momma and Daddy (or "Dappy" as he has been calling Bj, hahahahah!) and I love it. My sweet little family on the 4th.

 I took my favorite little man on a date night to the Muny this summer and we had a great time! We went to see Aladdin and it was fabulous! Connor loved it - he kept wanting to know who everyone was and why they were singing - it was really fun.
 Connor did a two week summer camp and it preschool and it was awesome! I hesitated in sending him because I didn't want the summer all that structured but I thought it would be nice since he would be in a new classroom with new friends this year and he LOVED it! I think he wanted school to start school the next day, haha! They did this whole Olympic theme and it was precious. They did a little Olympic parade down to the farmer's market and waved there "comaerican" flags as Connor says. They made an olympic village and while we were watching the Olympics Connor kept talking about how he made a village for the Olympians to stay it, it was pretty cute. We loved watching the Olympics - I think I cried the whole way through, I love watching the Olympics!! It was really fun watching them with Connor this year - he was mesmerized! He loved the gymnastics, swimming, running and biking, and volleyball. We kept talking about how last Olympics I was pregnant with him and could barely stay awake to watch Michael Phelps and Misty May and Carrie Walsh!
 Connor fell asleep in some strange positions, this one made me chuckle :)

We made use of our Magic House membership and had a great time going as many times as we could! Connor loved the pizza parlor, nursery, vet and traveling treehouse exhibit. I just love all of the things in St. Louis to take kiddos too!

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