Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boulder Cafe/BJ's

After spending the day in Longmont/Lyons we were off to Pearl Street and Boulder to see more friends! It was so fun to pull up to Pearl and see everything looked the same and stuff that we used to love doing! We were always down on Pearl so it was just so fun to bring Connor and see him running around. He was such a trooper - the poo guy had to sit through Happy Hour with a bunch of people he didn't know and then head over to dinner, but he was awesome and really hung in there! We ran up and down "the mall" before sitting down to dinner - he loved this fountain.

 The Boulder Cafe was probably my favorite place in all of Colorado. I spent many an afternoon in this same spot enjoying 1/2 price appetizers and drinks - does it get much better than that?! I plopped myself in that empty seat and proceeded to eat two appetizers to myself and loved every minute of it :) My sweet friends from work came to visit and it was SO fun to see them and catch up. It really just felt like old times - hanging out and catching up. I loved it!

Connor got a little tired of dinner so we went over and watched the street performers. Connor couldn't get over what he was doing and watched so intently! He didn't want to get any closer, but had fun watching the magician and man on stilts. He started tossing flaming batons up in the air and C was amazed! After happy hour we moved on to our other favorite place, BJ's! We definately stuff ourselves with everything we hadn't had in awhile. Connor loved his first pizookie and it was so fun catching up with even more friends! The next day we were off to the mountains!

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