Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado, pt. 1

We left in the evening Saturday night before Father's Day to head out to Colorado to visit friends and end off the trip with a wedding! It was a WHIRLWIND of a trip and we had the best time! We calculated that we drove about 2,340 miles -- and 600 of those miles were in Colorado. It was crazy and I am not exaggerating when I say that Connor was amazing! This was the longest road trip we have ever done with him and he was awesome - totally went along with the flow and I will willingly take him anywhere in the car again. He fell asleep one time, after we had breakfast and were on our way to the mountains - we turned off the dvd player and he took a little snooze until we got to the "beautiful mountains". It was such a fun trip, we did so much I had to break it up into parts! Ha!

 Our sweet friends Jason and Sally were so kind to let us stay at there house - on Father's Day and with a new baby! Our friends Josh, Stacey, Doug and Monica were all able to come and have a cook-out Sunday night. It was so fun! All of the kiddos got along so well and it was so fun to catch up with everyone! The kids were running all over the place and I don't even know if I got one picture of them, ha!
 After Lyons we drove by our old house - we were so excited to see what all they had done to it. Um, we pulled up and they have let it go, it's like they don't even care about it! I just couldn't get over it. The backyard looks like it hadn't been cut since we moved (we peeked over the fence, haha!) and the front was dead. They had put in a few garage door and driveway but that was it. Thank goodness the curtains were closed tight, I don't know if I could have handled peeking in the windows and seeing what they had done to the inside :) We kept telling Connor this was his first house and he was like "oh yeah, I remember that!" Ha!
 Monday we took Connor up to Lyons to splash around in the river and play on the playground. The river was FREEZING! We could put our feet in but that was about it - apparently they haven't had the heat we have been having in St. Louis making all water the temperature of bath water :)

 We had fun splashing around and playing on the playground - Connor loved the slide - it was hot but fun!

This is the typical face you get when you ask C to get his picture taken, haha! Its a good thing I just follow him around with the camera so I am able to get a few face shots now and then :) After playing in Lyons we hung out in the pool with Sally and Elsie, and then it was time to get ready to head down to Pearl Street for Happy Hour and dinner!

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