Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vail/Gypsum/Sylvan Lake

Holy Picture overload! I didn't realize I had so many pictures from camping! I didn't even include all of them :) ha! I guess it is me we are talking about, I shouldn't be surprised :) After leaving Boulder we continued our trek west to visit our friends in Vail! They actually moved just outside of Vail to Gypsum, Co and it is beautiful! It is a cute little town and they have a cute little house! Before we made it to the mountains though we had to stop at The Sundance in Nederland. It was one of our favorite breakfast places and it was delicious! Connor loved it and ate all of his plate and part of mine!

This was the only time he fell asleep in the car on the whole trip, I couldn't believe it! I knew he was tired and had a full belly so I turned off George and he was OUT! Sidenote, I think he may have watched 2,340 hours of Curious George with a few Cars/Monsters Inc in there, it worked! He woke up right before we got to our destination and loved looking at the "beautiful mountains." Our plan was to spend a few evenings with the Fernandez's and then we were all going to go camping. We love camping with Angelo,Erin and Blu - they always come up with the best places!

 We stopped and had a little picnic lunch about half way up and it was so nice! We took a little walk and explored - it was a little chilly and perfect! We came across some animal bones and C and Blu had so many questions about why they were there, how they got there. It was fun to listen to them!

 We stopped at a picture point - Angelo said we should all get out and get our picture taken! I just wish the pictures did it justice, it was just beautiful! I really wish someone would have said something about my hair and this could have been a half way decent family picture :) Connor was making us laugh he had to have a picture taken with baby over his face and without!
 They had so many Aspen trees on the way up, I love Aspen's - I think they are my favorite. Every one we passed Connor would go "Look Momma, it's one of your favorite Aspen trees!" it was pretty cute.

 We did some fishing while we were there and Connor loved it! He even caught a fish :) Bj's grandpa passed him down lots of fishing gear and I know it was really special for him to use it with Connor.

 C loved casting the line and waiting - he really fished for a lot longer than I thought he would have, he wanted to do everything by himself and he was pretty good. He would reel the line in really slow and listened really intently to everything Daddy had to say.

I just loved this one of him sitting there fishing away - he reminded me of the little boy on Forrest Gump! He was so funny, he had a great time and he insisted upon wearing his "camper" shirt when we went camping, he is pretty precious!

No camping experience is complete without smore's - I couldn't wait for Connor's first experience with the smores, he loved them! He set up a little "shop" while we were cooking them, he had an assembly line, gave you your marshmellow on the stick so you could roast and then you had to come back for the graham crackers and chocolate - it was cute and he and Blu had fun!
We had the best time camping, it made us remember how much we miss it! It was such a fun first to have with Connor, we already can't wait to go again. He keeps asking about the smores and when we get to make them again. He has also been playing pretend in the dirt that he has to catch some worms so Daddy can go fishing, sweet little boy.
Daddy caught some fish too! He was pretty proud of his catches, I think he caught about 6 or 7! After we left camping it was off to Steamboat to get ready for a new place and Adam and Laura's wedding!

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