Saturday, June 9, 2012

Feeding the Horsies

NeNe and PawPaw live "in the woods" and they have some horsies at the end of their road. Connor LOVES to go and feed the horsies, he almost drags us down there the minute we get out of the car. He calls them "Hi Sweet Harsies, I brought you carrots!!" He gets in his cozy coupe (at Nene's), puts the carrots in the trunk and we are off.

 We actually all went down to feed the horsies on Mother's Day but I accidently put the wrong pictures with the Mother's Day post and I was too lazy to switch them around, shh - don't tell :) He is wearing G's shoes in this picture, the boy loves to wear everyone elses shoes.

 Seriously, what did we do before camera phones?! I love having my phone always in my hand to snap away - look at that little face, I really, really love him.

The next best thing to horses is this little donkey. He LOVES the donkeys, it is pretty funny. When we go to Grants Farm he love to see Miss. Budweiser the donkey - silly, sweet little stinker. I love being home right now soaking in all this time with my boy. I also love having so much family close by to share him with :) 

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