Saturday, June 9, 2012

L103, 5 Years!

We had our 5th Danieley L 103 reunion, I can't believe we have been at this for so many years! I love it!! I think its fun too that we have seen each other every year I think since college for weddings, babies, what not - but I still think our get togethers are the best! I look forward to them every year and I was so happy to be able to host this year! I had so much fun getting my house in order and working in the yard. Just a note to everyone when working in the yard 2 days before your friends arrive, goole what poision sumac looks like! Ah!! I was SOOO upset to wake up two days before the arrivals with a rash all over my body! We are talking my arms, upper legs, behind the knees, neck, face, inbetween the fingers and on my eyelids. Yes, MY EYELIDS! Oh my gosh, it was miserable!! But, a little trip to urgent care at the lake and some steriods later I was feeling much better. But, I will say that I am JUST now getting rid of it. Poison Sumac does not equal my friend :)

We had such a great time! We did a little shopping, some eating, some chatting, a little boat ride, some more eating and just hanging out! It was so fun and I really hope all my girls enjoyed our time at the Lake - I did! I am already looking forward to Chicago 2013 and hopefully not having posion sumac next year :) 

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Lauren said...

Um.....SO, I just now saw this. So fun to read this in the middle of my day and think back to that fabulous weekend! I'm awful and never sent you a thank you note...which I thought about every time I was in the car, but of course totally forget about when I get to a place where I can actually write it. Regardless....had SO much fun and can't wait for our 2013 reunion! Hugs!!!