Tuesday, January 10, 2012


By Wednesday, the tile was on the floor! I seriously may have jumped up and down when I saw it, it was SO much more beautiful that I could have imagined. I couldn't get over how much of a difference the tile made and how open and bright it made everything feel. I was so antsy to get the rest of the fun stuff in :)

Once the kitchen was gutted, I seriously wanted to rip out something else, it was really a lot of fun :) We have been saving and saving and saving for this so it was so fun to see everything come together. We have had our new appliances in the garage since last summer just looking pretty and waiting for us :) Ha!

See those steps? Poor Mr. Matt, Connor and I were a fixture just watching everything he was doing. It is seriously one of the most exciting things we have done, hahah!! I just keep telling BJ that we have never had a nice kitchen and we have never really had a room like this where we picked every single thing out, it was a little exciting :) Next up, cabinets go in!

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