Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1...

For our (extrememly wonderful and generous) Christmas list last year my in-laws gave us the use of their carpenter to put our kitchen back together - we were thrilled. And I say with complete honesty he saved our marriage :) If Bj and I had to put this kitchen back together we wouldn't have survived a day. None of the walls are straight, some bow out, some bow in and it took Matt the professional A LOT of time and meausring.
 We found out that whoever replaced our windows put them in the original window wells so when we tore out the casing we found the old chains and weights that pulled up the original windows, it was kind of cool! We also found that the the shrine was originally a mirror and before that it had beadboard. It's fun because that is what our porch ceiling is made out of too :)

The first day we made a lot of progress, but not much looked different. We got the durarock down, the old door framed out and all of the new electrical outlets put in and the undercabinet wiring run. I was SO excited for the tile to go down next!

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