Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pantry/New Back Door!

This poor side of the kitchen needed some love in a big, bad way. If you could have seen the door close-up, it was terrifying. I mean, it didn't even really close. The draft in the kitchen was terrible, but it's wonderful now. We were able to move a vent from an inside wall to an outside wall (I didn't know, but that is where they are supposed to be) and we insulated around the door and the windows when we took the casings off. We have five panel horizontal doors throughout the whole house and I love them. My plan was to get an all glass door with one panel on the bottom, but it was seriously double the price of this beauty and I just couldn't justify it for a wood panel. So, we went with the all glass and I love it. I am going to stick a wreath on it and I think it is perfect. I love being able to look out, the dogs and Connor love it too. It lets in so much more light and its so clean :) Ha!
Our sink was originally under the window closest to the door, but we moved it to the middle and I love it. It gave us counter space by the door which is wonderful when I am carrying in groceries for lots of things in my hand. I also love having the space to put the dishes after I wash them.
The dishwasher is in the empty space right there, we had the wrong end panel for it, so it was put in last. I think that was what I missed the most throughout the remodel. We were doing all of our dishes in the basement mud sink and it wasn't all that fun carrying everything up and down. I may have given up with a few days left and cleaned everything when the dishwasher went in. I mean, I did it because I wanted to make sure it worked :) ha!

This lovely, lovely little pantry was one of the things I was most looking forward to. We had NO pantry and no space to store any food, it was awful. When our amazing contractor came over he made some changes and we were able to get a double pantry and it's amazing. At first we thought it was a little too big, but it's not - it's amazing and holds so much stuff, I love it. All the stuff that was in the exposed shelving before is no longer dirty and dusty, it's all clean and in it's place in this pantry. I even have open shelves, it's amazing! As a bonus if you bought the pantry you got a cute little stinker to take home :)

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