Friday, January 6, 2012

RIP, World's Ugliest Kitchen...

I think I will mainly always remember 2011 as the year we laid our kitchen, aka "the world's ugliest" to rest. Haha! Just kidding...kind of. The moment I laid eyes on our house I knew we had to have it, it was ours - where we would raise our family, make memories and enjoy our little life. We did lots, and lots of work before moving in and had to safe some money's to finish up the rest :) I have pretty much been dreaming of tearing out this awful kitchen from the moment we moved into our house. I am so lucky to say that that moment came right after Thanksgiving, 2011!! I thought I would give you a little tour before getting to the fun parts :) We managed to re-do our kitchen, celebrate our baby's 3rd birthday, move back into our kitchen, host Christmas Eve and celebrate the holidays all in the month of December - it was NUTTY! But a good, fun wonderful nutty :) Without further ado, my kitchen...
I took all these pictures after I packed everything up, even without everything else out you get the picture - it was an atrocity. That left side was awful - notice how some of the cabinets aren't closed? Not a fluke, they were painted over so many times they no longer closed - my cabinets were ALWAYS OPEN. I joked that those base and upper cabinets were the original cabinets built with out 100 year old home - when we ripped them out, we found out they most likely were. Over by the microwave - those two "drawers" pulled out to the floor, they were for potatoes. Those cabinets were built right onto the wall so there were very few nails holding them in, crazy huh?
This corner I think I hated the most.See that microwave corner? It's also where the trash can/recycling were - it was just awful. It was always dirty and it was awful. I may or may not have taken a sledge hammer to that side :) That door is the original door to the basement. Knowing that we wanted to re-do the kitchen and knowing that the door there made for a terrible layout we opened up the door in the dining room and closed this one off. It looks great, I promise to do a dining room post soon! We never used this door, but were also never able to utilize this space in the kitchen, I couldn't wait to see how this played out in the new kitchen!! ie: counterspace!!
See that door? Awful - we locked ourselves out once and had to kick it open to get in - that definitely left it looking even better :)
"The Shrine" we said this spot just needed a picture of the Virgin Mary - it was just a constant crap collector - see? The dogs medicine, a paintbrush, my phone and maybe some keys. I DEFINITELY took a sledge hammer to its pretty little self :)
This corner was awful too. It served as an everything shelf/pantry. Yes, we had NO pantry of any sort in this little beat of a kitchen. I used one of the upper cabinets and we just never bought in excess.
Just an awful corner - appliances next to each other, the stairs - that is seriously where we hung things...
There she is, my sad, sad little kitchen. Do you see the microwave? It really only dried the dishes and nothing else. It was pretty funny - our fridge made HORRIBLE noises, the dishwasher only dried the dishes and the stove would only cook one thing at a time and it took about 1 hour longer than it should have. I don't miss one thing in this kitchen - and our new one looks amazing! Next up, the demo!

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