Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let the Demo Begin...

We seriously had more fun than two people should have when we started ripping out the kitchen. I am not kidding you when I say that I was squealing in delight. My sweet momma came over and watched Connor for us on Saturday night (after Thanksgiving) so we could get started. We had so much fun hammering, ripping, tearing and yanking all of our old, ugly things out of the kitchen. I think the neighbors thought we were crazy, we seriously screamed and high fived every time we threw something big out the door :)

This is the set of cabinets that I swear is 100 years old - look at that lovely wall paper behind them :) It seriously smelled old when we got everything down too, it was kind of funny. That wall cabinet and the base cabinet came out in one piece.
On to Sunday...there were about 6 layers of linoleum on the floor we had to go through, it was crazy. There was definately a lot of screaming and maybe a few choice words as we were ripping it out, and it was pretty fun :) My grandma watched C that day and night, I didn't want him around anything that was under the linoleum, just in case. Plus, he had more fun with his NeNe and PaPa.

The floor took us almost all day on Sunday, the first layer seriously just slid off, it was kind of gross! The rest of the layers and the sub-floor took us the rest of the afternoon. There were SO many nails to get up, it was crazy.
Our totally empty kitchen, all ready for Mr. Matt to start putting it back together on Monday!

It was kind of crazy that this was everything we had in our old kitchen, that doesn't seem like much, does it? We still had the fridge and microwave in the dining room. I am SO mad at myself for not taking a picture of our make-shift kitchen, it was kind of funny. I made a lot of crock-pot meals, we ate sandwiches and cereal. We also weren't very eco-friendly because we used paper and plastic the whole time the kitchen was out of commission.

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