Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here Come the Cabinets...

My brother worked for a friends company, Express Granite and it was who we used for our cabinets and granite. They were wonderful to work with and we LOVE how everything turned out. We were most definately on a budget and I was so impressed with what we got for our money. The cabinets were exactly what we wanted with the raised panels, we had some custom options, and they have the soft close feature which is amazing. We were definately able to get far more than I thought we would :) I seriously screamed when they went in, I was SOOOOO excited! They make the kitchen look SO much bigger and they are clean, big and lovely.
Our original plan was to have the cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling but after having our contractor take a look he thought we had to many bumps and waves in the ceiling and it would look funny. So we went with a bigger crown molding (which I LOVE!) instead. We are still waiting on the crown and I can't wait for it to go in!
We have seriously had our appliances sitting in the garage for a year. We got an amazing deal on all of them, so we bought them and kept them in the garage. We just had to buy stuff as we saved the money up, it was kind of fun. That cabinet above the fridge is huge. It was the first cabinet I saw and I thought oh my gosh, is this stuff going to fit?!
Poor Matt seriously had to shave, cut down and shim these cabinets up like it was nobody's business. You can't tell when you are just in the room but the walls are so bowed in some spots, the level would just wiggle on the wall. It is really funny too because all of the cabinets are level, but some are shorter than others to account for the wall.
This little guy had the best time with our kitchen re-model. He drove his cozy coupe all around the empty kitchen for days and just loved it, it was pretty funny. We have the cutest video of him (its like 10 minutes long or I would post it) telling us where everything will go in the kitchen. We may have talked a little bit about it and the poor guy's pretend play consists of going to the store and picking out tile or new paint colors :) Poor little thing, he is such a product of what is going on in our life right now :)
Everything just looks amazing and I love the cabinets and appliances even more than I thought possible. I just keep telling Bj I had no idea one could love a kitchen so much. We have never had a nice kitchen and I love cooking so much more in my lovely little space :)

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Lauren said...

Loving these transformation posts! Ya'll have certainly had your hands's looking beautiful though!