Thursday, January 12, 2012

At 3...

My sweet Connor, at 3 you are hilarious, sweet, sensitive, amazing, smart, snarky and just plain lovable. You totally keep me on my toes and somedays I have no idea what I am going to do with you :) While most of the time you are just a sweet little snuggle bug, you definately have your days where the terrible 3's roar there ugly head and I wonder what happened to my sweet baby :) Ha! You love to be a part of whatever we are doing and you love to ask questions. You ask me "why" so many times a day I can't keep it straight :) You are so curious and you are so smart - the things you put together just amaze me. Sometimes the words you use kill me, you love to read the "No, David" books and you always ask me if David is frustruated because his mom is telling him no :) ha! I answer yes, but so is his momma :) Haha! You love to play with your friends and have play dates - you always ask me if you are going to have a play date when you wake up. You have a great little schedule and we have fallen into such a great routine while I am home - I love it. I am soaking up this time with you and making it a point to enjoy everyday because I don't know how much time I will have before the yucky work world again. You have pretty much given up sleeping at your naptime, but you still rest and that works great for me. You are so easy to get to bed because you are TIRED. You have always been so good for us in the sleep department - you gave me a little trouble while we were transitioning out of naps, but you are good to go. You love letters, you can spell your name and you have started writing "CON", I LOVE it. You pretty much love to cut with scissors, we have to keep a close eye on you - Nonny thinks you are going to be a surgeon. You love to play pretend, the things you come up with are pretty stinkin funny. You love to take our order for dinner and write it down on your pen and paper.

You are totally potty trained at 3 - you were ready, I wasn't! It was right after you turned 3... You started waking up with a dry diaper and telling me you needed to go potty in the morning so we just went from there! It took us about 3 days, a few accidents and you are totally diaper free except for at night. But, you have been waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me you need to go potty :) It took you about two days before you would poop on the potty, but once you did you haven't looked back. You told me, with such pride on your face "Momma, it doesn't hurt when you wipe my bottom, and I can stand up! I like that I can see the poop in the toilet too!!" Haha!! I was jumping up and down screaming for you, telling you how proud I was and you told me "Momma, stop, that is too loud" hahahahaha!! It was amazing how easy it was, we just waited for you to be ready - and we added some bribes in and you were good to go. I cried after I dropped you off at school for the first time in underwear and I know I was beaming with pride when I picked you up and you were totally dry - you came up and said "Momma, I went in the potty all by myself!". I have been, and I am sure will continue to be so proud of how well you handle the transitions in your life. I am so glad we waited until you were ready because it was so easy! Your tiny tush looks so cute in your undies too :)

You are a little shy around people you don't know and have been for a little while. It's okay though, you are such a chatter box when you warm up. I think you definately chat the most when you are at home and I think it's so funny. You love to sing - Jingle Bells and the ABC's are your favorite. You also like the sing the clean up song from school. You love CARS and CARS 2, it's so funny to listen to you talk about the movie and the characters - you totally crack me up. We have movie night every Friday and you love to pick out your movie and make popcorn with us. You love to snuggle in bed with us in the morning and watch a curious george. You love to read and I love reading with you every night before bed. You were so good and patient with us during our kitchen remodel, it was a little crazy around here and you took it in stride.

You have a bit of a temper and like to throw things when you get mad. We have started taking whatever you threw away for the rest of the day and that has helped. You can be so snarky when you are tired too! You love to help me in the kitchen and I love that we have new kitchen and island for you to hang out at. We listen to Pandora in the kitchen and you love to dance around with me while the dogs bark at us, it makes them nervous :) I love that you know I always leave your water cup on your nightstand at bedtime, I love how you like your back tickled when you are falling asleep, but really I just love being your momma. I know there are so many things I am forgetting but at 3 you are just amazing and we love you so much. I can't wait to see what this year brings us and to see who you turn into this year. I love you more than you will ever know my sweet Connor Francis.  Love, Momma

Here are your stats...32.5lbs, (50%, up 7.5lbs from last year!) 36 3/4ins (30%, up 2 3/4in from last year)

(from the doctor's office, pre potty training)

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