Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, 2011!

 We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It is just so magical watching your children experience Christmas and all the wonderfulness that comes along with it. C was at such a fun age this Christmas and I think he enjoyed every bit of it. I started to feel bad that I didn't do as many fun "holiday" things with him as I would have but we were just SLAMMED this year. But, at the end of the day - on Christmas morning the look on his face just made my heart swell. He didn't care about anything we didn't do, he was happy to see what Santa brought, spend the day with us and sing Christmas music :) We hosted Christmas Eve for the first time this year and I LOVED IT! I want to do it every year, I loved having our family over and celebrating with them, it was a great evening. I am so mad at myself for not grabbing a picture or two, I just was too busy playing hostess. I borrowed my mom's christmas china, used my inherited silver and had a wonderful time! We made Chicken ala King - a tradition in Bj's family and I just love continuting traditions on, I think it will be one we continue on, it was a hit! My mom gave Connor his christmas pj's (another tradition I love!!) and after putting cookies and milk out for Santa it was off to bed he went!

Momma Santa was up until 2:30AM! putting together the train table Santa brought because even with days notice of the task, Daddy Santa had a little too much egg nog. I very much enjoyed watching Love Actually (and Elf) while putting it together, I couldn't wait to see the look on my C's face when he saw what Santa brought :)  
He was so excited, I don't think he could believe it! It was the big thing he asked Santa for and HE LOVED IT! It was so fun watching him play. I think my favorite Christmas memory will be (my Mom and Davey come over on Christmas morning for breakfast, I make them! :) ) him running to open the door for my mom and telling her a mile a minute, "Hi Nonny, Santa came, he brought me a train table and scissors, Merry Christmas". I mean the kid didn't take a breath, it was precious.

 Speaking of the scissors I think they were his second favorite gift. He wanted them SO bad, his teachers at school said many of his art projects don't make it home from school because he cuts them up so small :) We do actually have a few that came home in a plastic baggie. :) He proceeded to use them to open the rest of his presents, it was really funny. When we got to my Aunt's house for round two he kept going "Oh no, I forgot my scissors!".
 His Cars 2 dvd was a close second as well, he LOVES it and we have watched it about a 100 times already!
 The sun was in there eyes, but I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. I have been collecting C's christmas outfit as it went on sale, I loved it! He looked a little too handsome for me :)

After breakfast at our house (I made a quiche this year and it was great - I think that may be another tradition!) it was off to Auntie G's for round two! We had a wonderful time, Connor was so funny he passed out everyone's presents, he loved it. He did it on Christmas Eve and at our 3 Christmas celebrations :) After that it was off to the Johnson's to celebrate Christmas and Debbie's birthday! It was a wonderful Christmas, it went by way too fast and we are already looking forward to next year!

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