Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The kitchen was the only room in our house that we didn't paint before moving in. We knew that we would (eventually) be re-doing it so we didn't want to make any decisions until it was time to really get started in here. I wanted to do something creamy and light, I love light and bright - I also wanted something that would work well with the cabinets and not weigh it down. I LOVE the color we chose - it looks great in the kitchen and has the soft feel we were going for.

We ran out of money while working on the kitchen so Connor had to paint for free, you know to earn his keep around here :) He was so cute he was BEGGING to help us so in to his paint clothes he went and a great helper he was. He was so proud of himself and loved helping Momma and Daddy make the kitchen look beautiful.
He actually did really well, I was quite impressed with his skill. Little does he know that could get him into trouble around here, I will have him helping me on all of my painting projects in the future! Next up, the granite! Believe it or not, these were the best pictures I got of the granite going in. To be honest I think I was speechless (and the glue they used smelled awful, it was REALLY strong so I stayed out of the kitchen). I couldn't believe how good everything looked when the granite went in. Bj kept asking me if there was something wrong, didn't I like it?! I told him I loved it so much I really didn't know what to say and if you know me you know that doesn't happen very often. I just never thought we would be able to afford granite in the color I absolutely loved so I was just blown away with how much it looked like a "real" kitchen! :)

These pictures don't do it justice, I have some better pictures of the whole thing all nice and pretty :) After the granite went in, the backsplash was up next! We went to three different tile places before picking this out and I couldn't be happier, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out. It looks amazing in the kitchen and the pattern and glass beads are just the perfect amount of "something" to really make it look amazing.
Up next, the finished shots! I have been trying to drag out the posts because everything isn't totally finished! We are missing the crown molding, new casings around the windows, and the granite backsplash behind the sink. I might just have to do two more updated posts, ha!

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