Friday, December 30, 2011

O' Christmas Tree!

 We went the Saturday after Thanksgiving to pick out our perfect little Christmas tree for 2011! We went back to the same place we went last year and loved it. It was just as fun this year too! We got there nice and early so we had our pick of the best Christmas tree out there :)

 Connor loved being pulled all over the place in the sled, he was cracking us up! He kept screaming at us to go faster, faster, haha! After searching we found the best tree on the lot!
 Connor and Daddy cut down the tree and did a great job. They cut off the stem for our mantle and we were good to go.

 He is such a cheese ball and was actually being really cooperative when it came to getting his picture taken - I was a little on the surprised side :)
After getting the tree on the car it was time to head home and get it decorated! I took a picture of it up, I just haven't loaded it up yet, oops! 

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