Friday, December 30, 2011

Cookie Party!

Even though I am still a little in shock, life continues to move forward and my baby turned THREE! I still just can't believe it, how did my 4lb little sugar turn into a 32lb sugar so fast?! As usual I couldn't let his big day go by without celebrating and celebrated to the max! He had a few of his little friends over on Friday the 16th for some cookie decorating, a pinata and lunch! It was SUCH a fun little day and I am so glad we did this extra little thing for our sweet boy!
He was modeling the aprons we made as the party favor - he actually loved it and all of the kiddos (except the youngest) put on their aprons and had the best time decorating cookies - it was way too sweet!! I love that the apron can double as an art smock and anything else after the cookie decorating, the girlies got pink and green cars :)

 I found via Williams Sonoma on ebay this set of CARS 2 cookie cutters, they were precious! We had Finn, Lighting, Mater and Franceso cookies to decorate - the kiddos loved them! Bj and I made them the night before and the kiddos were all set to go to town with the sprinkles! They were just adorable, they decorated and then went upstairs to play and the Momma's chatted :)
 R and C having fun decorating! After this we had a little lunch and the "binyata" as Connor calls it!
 Look at all those sprinkles - I seriously went through 6 containers of sprinkles, it was hilarious!
They were just precious with the pinata - they pulled the strings and screamed in delight at the fruit snacks that fell out (C's pick!). It was just such a wonderful little day and Connor had the best time. The smile on his face was SOOO SWEET and just made my day - I don't think I stopped smiling all day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friend, family and neighbors who come over and celebrate our sweet little Christmas baby!

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