Friday, December 30, 2011

Catch Up!

 Is anyone tired of looking at my pumpkin patch pictures?! Hehe, I am! Life has just been, life lately - we have been super busy and enjoying every minute of it! I have been SO busy this holiday season with my little monogramming business and I am so thankful but I was really overwhelmed for a few weeks there :) So, I thought I would do a little bullet list to get everyone up to date - I wanted to make sure I got all of our Christmas/Birthday pictures up in 2011, haha!

1. We started buying lots of goodies for a REAALLYY fun project we started around the house after Thanksgiving. This one loved picking out our new tile :) He has been a huge helper throughout the remodel! Pictures to come! Can anyone guess what was remodeled?! :)
2. We baked Christmas cookies with Nonny - we had a whole day set aside and only got one batch actually in the oven, haha! Our cookie baking day was a huge fail, but that's okay we will try again next year!
3. We spent lots, and lots, and lots of time at Nonny's house while I sewed holiday goodies! I am SO blessed and my business was a booming this year! I counted it up and I did somewhere between 275 and 300 things this holiday season - it was crazy, madness, busy! I was proud of myself because I only had two breakdowns in there, and everything got done :) Thanks to the help of my wonderful momma and this sleeping lumberjack :) I was so fortunate for a busy holiday season, especially when you see bullet number 4...

4. The second week of December (I was already on my holiday break) I got a call to come into work for a mandatory meeting - and I knew that could only mean one thing. I cried the whole way in, but knew things would work out the way they are supposed to. I, along with 599 of my fellow friends at McGraw-Hill were let go. I was really sad, but looking forward to whatever life has in store in the next few months in terms of a new job. I am loving being at home with my Connor though and hope to drag it out as long as possible, just don't tell Bj :)

5. After being antibiotic and mostly sick-free for nearly three years it finally caught up with this boy. In the span of two weeks (after getting the stomach flu in the beginning of November) Connor was up ALL night one night coughing, I called the doctor and they said whooping cough was going around so in we went. He thankfully didn't have whooping cough, but he had double ear infections! My poor little guy, we were given amoxicillan and sent home. Over the weekend (about 2 days on the antibiotics) I cheked on Connor about 10:00 and he was on fire. I mean, red as could be, 103.3 degree fever, talking gibberish. He had told me earlier that day that his neck hurt so I was SOBBING on the phone to my mom afraid he had meningitis. I called the urgent care line and they calmed me down, telling me he was most likely okay. His fever broke Sunday night and he was fine until Tuesday morning when I noticed a rash all over his body. A call to the doctor said roseola. Well, his rash continued to get WORSE and WORSE for the next two days until another call revealed he was most likely REALLY allergic to penicillan - just like his momma. This rash was 2 full days after we stopped the medecine, I am not kidding you when this looks great, he was seriously covered from head to toe - it was rash upon rash upon rash. He totally cleared up about 3 days later and is never allowed near penicillan again :)

Whew! I think that about catches us up, I can't think of anything else terrible exciting! Up next, getting our Christmas tree :)

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